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Donegal, Ireland
Helping entreneurs build a top tier income from virtual/live speaking to enroll awesome clients worldwide
Top Purpose: 13 Gender Equality

I help savvy entrepreneurs build a top-tier income from virtual speaking and powerful closing keys. 

I teach my client simple sales strategies to enroll the maximum number of their viewers and attendees into their products and programs. 

Speaking is by far the fastest way to grow your business, if you are not using speaking as a tool, you are potentially missing out on an additional 6 figures to your bottom line, if not more.

Starting from nothing, I first built a travel business to serve my local community here in Donegal, that served 1000 travellers from all over the world. And then with everything I learned I discovered that scores of business owners, struggled with enrolling clients. 

So I then built a mentoring business that took me from being 10k in debt to half a million Euros in annual revenue in less than three years. (All from my home office!)

I have spoken worldwide over the last 3 years and have enrolled scores of great clients from every event. And I've enjoyed a globetrotting lifestyle too. 

The opportunity now with the focus on virtual speaking is just as powerful if you have the right strategy. 

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    Speaker Sales Plan

  • Marketing

    Speaker Sales Plan

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    Speaker Sales Plan


  • Moira Mouret

    Moira Mouret

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Josephine Fuertes

I think its very helpful message for those who wanted to have a great income and to reach their goal,it"s true because if you are a good speaker you will be a good leader.