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Woon Tan was one of the mentors/instructors in Marketing 5.0, teaching participants about podcasting and its benefits for entrepreneurs. Clearly, the man knows what he is talking about. His experience and knowledge came through in his content, his responses to questions and his feedback. He went above and beyond what was expected of him. An attitude he brings to the work he does for his clients as well. When you need support to start your podcasting journey, look no further. Woon Tan is your man.

I worked with Woon on his Get Podcasting Group programme. Woon really knows what he is talking about when it comes to creating a podcast, editing and launching a podcast. He is patient and takes time to ensure you understand the points being made. Woon provides so much value within the programme.

Doing Woon's programme has held me accountable to turn my idea of a podcast into something real. I would really recommend Get Podcasting if you want to get podcasting!

I have created a podcast called Stories of Expansion with the wonderful Woon Tan. It has been a total delight and joy to work with Woon. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and fast. We have created the podcast in a few days from the moment of getting an idea on train to a realise there was only about 9 days!. Woon has helped me to fulfil one of my greatest dreams I have had for years. Thanks to his helped I am having so much fun creating this podcast and reaching more people around the world.

I've received so much value working with Woon.

He has a natural way of conveying the ideas and content with clarity, patience and humility. The modules have bitesized actions that create the stepping stones to getting the podcast to be launched and consistently published successfully.

I joined his coaching program 'Get Publishing' and was amongst a mix of individuals ranging from those already with their own podcasts, to someone like myself - just embracing social media. The amazing thing was, I never felt lost or in the dark.

He covers everything from the technical side of equipment, how to record, upload, edit and even creating trailers to promote, as well as what makes a podcast attractive to your audience from a visual perspective with art work, the length of time, the title of the show and so much more.

It's allowed me to move through a subject that I knew nothing about (other than listen to them) to now understand what is needed and most importantly, that it's really not scary at all!

Thank you Woon. You give incredible value and you're a brilliant coach/mentor! 🙏🏽

Great company to work with. If I say so myself 👍