Lisa Michaels Mentoring Reviews

The work I have done with Lisa is honestly the most valuable "self-work" I have ever done. I feel like it has given me "THE KEY" to unlocking my "ME". The sessions we do always reveal these amazing truths that are leading me toward so much more self-acceptance and flow in my experience. Thank you Lisa! XO, Kiva.

As an infrared, I don't even have numbers right now, much less how to project properly. In just two short days, Deborah has changed that for me and the immense gratitude I have for being able to plug into her already existing structure cannot be overstated! Yes, I've left quite a bit blank or zeroed out on this plan...but I HAVE A PLAN! That's a huge milestone. Deborah, I have deep gratitude for you, for your mechanic profile that created the system, and for your generous spirit to share it with the rest of us!!!

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