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TriClare Business Holdings
San Diego, CA, USA
Company Type: Management Consulting
Partnering with privately held companies for explosive growth

Want to have a greater impact? Looking to grow and scale your business? Frustrated that’s it’s not happening fast enough? Sounds like you might need to take a good look at your team.

Business is a team sport! Ultimately, the success of your business will be directly related to the people you surround yourself with and the people who support you. Find those who will compliment your talents, and who have desired outcomes consistent with yours and your business will flourish!

I created this company over 20 years ago with one consistent outcome in mind - the make business problems go away so that entrepreneurs can focus on doing that which they truly love, and ultimately make more money.

How do my team and I do that?

I believe one of my unique talents is the ability to see the big (or whole) picture in any situation and to quickly determine the resources available, and the resources needed, to realize any desired outcome; then to craft a congruent, collaborative plan. Finally, we manage the implementation and stay with you all the way to the realization of the desired outcome.


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Michelle Nolting

TriClare Business Holdings has an amazing leader in Del Lewis and he is really helping grow and develop the GeniusU community. Definitely worth following!