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Crypto Investor Club
London, UK
Company Type: Investment Management
We educate investors on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, how to safely enter and exit the sector, and how to participate in decentralised governance.
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

We provide investors with the knowhow needed to safely navigate the crypto investing world. Our approach is to walk through all the different steps one by one, to turn absolute beginners with no previous experience in this field into confident users, capable of easily enter and exit this sector as required by their investment strategy.


You will learn how to set up your investment account, how to fund it, how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, when and what we invest in, and in particular when is the best time to sell. You are always in control of your account and investment choices, but we are there to help and support at every step of the way.


Many of the projects we select are changing the world of tomorrow; with your involvement, you can also influence the way our future will be shaped, as we all join together in this wonderful decentralized new paradigm.



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    Crypto Investor Club


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    Crypto Hour - What happened this week?

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    Deep dive into Cardano with special guest Jonathan Adjei

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    Crypto Hour 6 May 22

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    The Crypto Hour on 20 October 2023

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    Crypto Hour

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    Crypto Hour 27 May 2022

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    Crypto Investor Microschool

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    Crypto Investor Microcourse

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    CRYPTO CRASH COURSE - 6 hour immersive training for crypto investment success


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    Luca Bernardini

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Woon Tan

I've worked with Luca for the last 3 years with the London City Circle where he lead the group for our monthly events. Luca knows what he is talking about when it comes to crypto. He has a very sound understanding of the economy, money and entrepreneurship. I'm really looking forward to learning more as a crypto investor with Luca.