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The Learning Force Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada
Company Type: E Learning busts myths about literacy and learning, revealing undiscovered genius one letter at a time
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education
About: is committed to busting myths about learning and literacy as a way to influence educational reform on the planet.  Our Wild Alphabet Adventures transform families, individuals and teams from better communication wannabees into confident readers, writers and speakers. We also shave years off English literacy learning for those learning English as a second or foreign language.

The fundamental message is that every person has everything they need to be successful as a life-long learner. We reveal  the undiscovered genius in every person --of every age and stages of life-- in two ways:

1. Identify and fill in gaps to upgrade skills that are holding you back. Trouble with messy writing, slow reading, poor spelling, inconsistent focus or turning thoughts into written or spoken language? We guide families and individuals through a hands-on process so that you can enjoy neat printing at will, fail-proof focus and the confidence that comes from unlearning and re-learning critical learning skills with certainty.

2. Accept the mission to unlearn and re-learn the alphabet to upgrade your learning and communication skills so that your positivity and productivty increase with ease. PLUS you can apply this learning model to accelerate your lifelong learning of any skill.  We guide business teams to improve communication, collaboration, and critical thinking--both personally and as a team member.

 The Learning Force Inc. was founded in 2003 as an in-person learning experience provider. We added online education in 2020. Our programs are delivered on the Xperiencify platform, the 21st century course platform that integrates the psychology of learning to increase course completion and transformation.

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Diane is a Joy! She is dedicated to busting myths about learning and revealing the genius in everyone so they can be the change they wish to see in the world.