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Melbourne City Circle
Welcome to the Melbourne GeniusU community! Hosted by Melbourne City Leader, Chris Francis - Founder and CEO of Melbourne Metaversity - 'Western Melbourne's Centre of Excellence for Wealth Education'.
Genius 5.0 Partnerships Group
Welcome to all partners of Roger James Hamilton's Entrepreneurs Institute. This is where we will post news and announcements; along with prizes and leaderboard results on all the promotions and competitions that we have running for you; our affiliates, resellers and...
The Feminine Voice Speaks, A Circle of Emergence--Sophia Alexander
The Feminine Voice Speaks~A Circle of Emergence for female entrepreneurs to find, embody, and successfully build the vehicle to express their "voice" in the world. I am an Intuitive Healer and teacher devoted to assisting women to heal their self-esteem and confidence issues...
Vet Dynamics
The global network for veterinary surgeons, practice owners, entrepreneurs and anyone that cares about the integrity and welfare of the veterinary profession around the world.
Genius 5.0: Flow and Performance Consultants
This is a closed circle, exclusively for approved City Hosts, Faculty members, Faculty Partners, Community Partners, Curriculum Partners & Country Leaders. We will be sharing recordings, learnings and action steps to enhance your experience in growing your business.
Cape Town City Circle
We bring together like-minded social entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses through collaboration, community and commitment with the intention of having a positive impact on their communities so as to bring about the change in the world that we need.
Leicester's Entrepreneurs - The Leicester City Circle
This is a group for all Leicester's Entrepreneurs who'd like to connect, network, support and share some amazing value. Be part of this incredible event for entrepreneurs in Leicester, throughout the towns and villages in Leicestershire and across our neighbouring counties...
Global Impact Entrepreneurs
A Trusted Community of Impact-Driven Business Owners meet up, skill up and scale up.
Leeds Entrepreneur Social
This City Circle is for Entrepreneurs in Leeds to connect and learn about upcoming Entrepreneur Social events in Leeds.
Birmingham City Circle
Welcome to the Birmingham City Circle A place where the growing entrepreneurial movement meets. Unfortunately our current venue M-Club is no longer available and we are looking for a new venue and so ES meetings in Birmingham are on hold at the moment. Roger Clarke and...