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Must Visit Hidden Villas in Bali - 2022!

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It is always a good idea to get away from hurry habits, traffic jam or street life, and get lost somewhere to listen to your heartbeat. That is, probably, something that we need in this uncertain situation.
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Trend No. 4 - Superhuman Intelligence.

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Here is Trend No.4 of the Top 10 Trends of 2022.

This fourth trend is about Superhuman AI - And how fast we are now seeing advances in artificial intelligence accelerating over the last 12 months. 🚀...

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How to Create a Learning Culture to Directly Benefit your...

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Thank you The Successful Founder for sharing this article.😊

In this insightful blog, Founder and CEO of Genius Group Ltd, Roger James Hamilton has shared his thoughts on "How to...

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Join the 2-Weeks Marketing 5.0 Microschool!

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🚀 Scale your business no matter how the economy is doing. Join the 2-week Marketing 5.0 Microschool!

📌 Starts 24th January - 4th February 2022

Integrate AI-driven marketing pathways, tools, and chatbots that will set up your...

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Masterclass Today- How to integrate A.I.-driven marketing...

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🟢 Happening Today! Join the Free Masterclass on “How to integrate A.I.-driven marketing pathways into your business.” APAC REGION - REGISTER...
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Anthony Chadwick Of Alpha Vet International On How To Tak...

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Thank you Authority Magazine for sharing this article featuring Roger James Hamilton. 😇

"I have been mentored by Roger James Hamilton, founder and CEO of Genius Group Ltd, an entrepreneur...

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How does INTJ Interact With Other Personality Types?

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INTP is one of the 16 personality types chalked out by the Myers-Briggs personality test. What is the INTP type?

INTP personality type is differentiated based on the four cognitive functions: introverted, intuitive,...

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A Valentines Safari to Remember - Lifebrands

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Celebrating romance in understated, five-star style at Tau Game Lodge, could be the best decision anyone could make to cement romance - paying it forward in the love stakes, so the speak…
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​​​​​​​What are the 4 steps to free up your time?

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What are the 4 steps to free up your time? 🤔

Nature is the best way to understand what natural flow is, follow the rhythm of nature to sync with your own rhythm. 🌊
In this video,

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7 Simple Steps To Build Startup Growth Strategy.

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Starting a business is not an easy feat. Making your startup a success is also equally difficult – if not more. Achieving success in the business world is not just about surviving. It is all about rapid growth, and a startup, or an established...