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How to price your product? 💁‍♀️

Pricing is an art in the entrepreneurial world. When you get it right, you can connect your market with your goals - the ideal intention! 🤩

In this video,

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Rural Entrepreneur: Best Way to Start a Business

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At first, if we talk about the best way to start a business, it is in the urban area. As urban areas are full of people and more footfall means more customers.

The urban area is commonplace for young entrepreneurs to start a...

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Welcome to Vision Villa Resort, The Sustainable Hotel in ...

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Natamagazine.co – Located Jl. Pantai Masceti, Medahan, Kec. Blahbatuh, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80581. Our 17 beautiful, Bali-style rooms combine local design, an uncompromising attention to detail and an unparalleled luxury. Stay in unique rooms,...
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🏆 Cash Flow 5.0 Awards!

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🏆 Cash Flow 5.0 Awards! Competition Ends: 15th October 2021 Apply Here to win a FREE spot at the Cash Flow...
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5 Profiling Tool for Entrepreneurship

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It’s not an easy road to being an entrepreneur. You’ll face an infinite amount of difficulties; you often get a question in your mind if you are on the right path? Should I even be trying to start my own business?

Most people randomly...

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Wealth Dynamics and the Wealth Spectrum!

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In this video, Roger James Hamilton, Founder of Genius Group illustrates the value of the 2 most important tools that he has created for entrepreneurs....

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Join the 2-Week Cash Flow 5.0 Microschool 📈

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Unlock $100k cash in your business and increase capital value to $1m with a Cash Flow 5.0 Plan! 💸 Book a Call to Secure Your Place...
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How to Get Biggest Investors on Board for Your Startup!

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Did you know that close to 29% of startups fail because they run out of cash? It’s the second biggest reason why startups go out of business. And having a great business idea or product won’t guarantee your funding. Less than 1% of businesses...

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Wanting to pitch your product and ideas to a new investor? But what's the best way to do that? 🤔

In this video, Roger James Hamilton...

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Take the FREE Entrepreneur Quiz!

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Take the FREE one-minute Entrepreneur Quiz and instantly earn 10,000 Genie GEMs worth $100. Click here to take the quiz! From your answer, we will direct you to...

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