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Ignite the Genius in the Younger Generation

Ruth Shearman

On the 26th January 2023 at 7pm PST, Genius Group will be hosting a masterclass for educators and parents to learn how to ignite the genius in the younger generations. The masterclass has been created to help the younger generations develop...
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Wall Street stole $300 Million from me. I’m getting it back.

Picture?height=170&width=170&access token=200028500157213|71a3b3f8c0965ac64ef772b5f9d0c02f Roger Hamilton

Wall Street stole $300 Million from me. I’m getting it back.

A few months ago I suspected someone was stealing from our company. We hired Wes Christian, the lawyer famous for fighting illegal naked short selling, to...

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Tips To Perfect Your Business Pitch!

Genie 04 04 Saumya Gaur

In this video, Roger Hamilton...

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Join us today for his Free Live Crypto Masterclass. Start...

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 Free Masterclass on Cryptocurrencies with Marcus de Maria Going Live Today

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Global Entrepreneur Speaker - Key takeaways from Timothy ...

Ruth Shearman

On day 1 of the Global Entrepreneur Summit, hosted by Genius Group, Timothy P. Murphy, ex deputy director of the FBI, chats to Roger James Hamilton, CEO of Genius Group.   From 1988 to 2011, Timothy served in the United States Federal Bureau of...

We Are Failing

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Why is it that there are some people whose focus is on the creation of new value and making a difference in the world while others are focusing 100% on destruction or basically just going out and making money at any cost this is where We Are...

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[Free Masterclass] How to build a fortune through Cryptoc...

Genie 04 04 Saumya Gaur

The crypto world is a new world, one filled with opportunities but also lots of danger. To survive in the market you need to be able to recognize risks and analyze the market before entering. 

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Unlocking the secret to your Genius | Free Masterclass | ...

Genie 04 04 Saumya Gaur

🧠 Unlock the Genius within you! 📌 Click...

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Genius News

Alison shadrack headshot Alison Shadrack

Genius News Message from Roger

I hope you’ve had a great start to the year.  We’ve got some exciting growth plans across all of our companies for the year ahead and I look forward to sharing them with you in this newsletter each...

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How To 10X Your Impact?

Genie 04 04 Saumya Gaur

As an Entrepreneur, you have a critical role to play in our society. We are taught to think that making money is the most important aspect of life, but the world would not be as much better if we only focused on making money.