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Giới thiệu SuperX Academy

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SuperX Academy là nền tảng giáo dục & đào tạo số 1 thế giới dành cho doanh nhân Việt Nam

Chúng tôi là một cộng đồng gồm các doanh nhân đẳng cấp thế giới với sứ mệnh là cống hiến, cho đi, và tạo ra sự khác biệt. Chúng tôi có các...

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How AI can help debias the hiring process

Alison shadrack headshot Alison Shadrack

When it comes to finding and hiring the very best talent, small business owners don’t always have the luxury of a talent specialist or HR professional to guide the process. And when hiring is down to one person (you) it’s hard to know what to look...
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Elizabeth Arden: Redefining Beauty and Empowering Women 💄

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Elizabeth Arden, born Florence Nightingale Graham, was a pioneering entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering determination, innovative spirit, and unwavering belief in the power of women.


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Wealth Dynamics Success Stories Worth Sharing! ❤️

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🙌 Here’s the Success Story of one of our valued members, Paul Vesey-Brown from Australia:

“Preface: I am a Lord! So, My paragraphs will be short and to the point! If you prefer bullet points, Lords come in at the end...

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Henry Ford: Driving Innovation and Industrial Revolution 🚗

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Henry Ford, a visionary entrepreneur, left an indelible mark on the world through his pioneering spirit and innovative mindset. As the founder of Ford Motor Company, he transformed the automotive industry and revolutionized mass production....

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Thomas Edison: Igniting Innovation and Perseverance 🔥

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Thomas Edison, a legendary inventor, epitomizes the power of innovation and perseverance. From humble beginnings, he revolutionized the world with groundbreaking inventions and an unwavering spirit. His story inspires entrepreneurs to embrace...

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Interest Rates Hiked – Property Market Update May 2023

Transparent emma hollings photography simon zutshi mma 156 min Simon Zutshi

In this week’s Property Education video, I’ll be discussing a recent rise to interest rates in 2023 and the impact it’s likely to have on UK property investing.

The current interest rates are in crisis with the base rate now at 4.5%,...

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Can you really make 6-figures in 5-10 hours a week?

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6-Figure Side Hustles is non-stop actionable intel for building a 6-figure income in your spare time, but that’s not all legendary hypnotherapist Elliot Roe will reveal powerful prompts to bypass the conscious mind. Break free from the...

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Stockholm Frukostevent - Revolutionera Ditt Företagande M...

297451463 5219922944795538 3318336523392918551 n Kawa Onatli

Är du redo att revolutionera ditt företag med AI?

Den 9:e juni

Brännkyrkagatan 62, Stockholm

Begränsat antal platser - 50 Första Gratis! Boka här: 

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Genius Group Launches Genie AI To Engage Students

Alison shadrack headshot Alison Shadrack

Genius Group – a leading entrepreneur edtech and education group – is launching Genie AI on GeniusU, Genius Group’s Edtech platform, to further empower and engage users in their learning journeys. Genie AI enables students to name and personalize...