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Design Your Perfect Week

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Why creating a rhythm in your business and life will make every week perfect?

You can design your week to minimise stress and maximise results. You can design your time and space and create a rhythm that enables you to have time for...

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Free Live Masterclass on How your finances are being atta...

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Do you realize that your finances are being attacked? Get ready to join us in this Free exclusive masterclass happening on the 01st of December where we will teach how 4 different fronts are taking money without even realizing it!...

Are you an Accumulator Profile?

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Who are the Accumulators?
The "Accumulator" - like Warren Buffett, apply research-driven decisions to win the race. They are your best ambassadors and great at getting things done on time yet can be slow to decide...

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Most Common Questions That Entrepreneur Asks

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Are you a Creator looking for the right time & space to flourish in?

In this video,

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Which Level Of The Wealth Spectrum Are You At?

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Do you know which level of the Wealth Spectrum you are currently at?

"Learn which of the nine levels of the wealth spectrum you are currently at, and how understanding this master plan is critical to knowing the next...

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Global Entrepreneur Summit Update

Ruth Shearman

Join Roger James Hamilton and over 5,000 entrepreneurs for the #1 hybrid event for Entrepreneurs in the world today. Secure your space to join Roger and a stellar lineup of Entrepreneurs, either in person, at one of our live events near you, or...

Are you a Trader Profile?

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The "Trader" Profile - like Belinda Gates, helps the team profit with their great sense of timing. And they are great negotiators and best in the lead in a crisis - yet need big-picture direction to get the best...

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Join us with Verne Harnish at the Global Entrepreneur Sum...

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Featured Speaker

Are you a Dealmaker Profile?

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The "Dealmaker" - like Simon Cowell, uses their negotiation skills to support the team. Dealmakers are the best peacemakers and leave everyone feeling good yet will struggle if you expect them to go out cold...

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The Power Of Journaling! ​​📝

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What's your secret that illuminates the best version of yourself?

In this video, Roger James Hamilton shares his secret journal that helps him question, plan, strategize, prioritize, focus and even have fun with. When your visions...