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Weekend sharing: Your Hero's Journey

In Weekend Mode: sharing this new insight around the Hero's journey - as entrepreneurs we embark on "this" epic journey and Roger mentions it in MD12 Your Legacy.

I don't know if any other woman have felt or resisted the...

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Community Question with Wealth Vector Dynamics

Community Question Video: 

"If the "other" does not know or understand the process or Wealth Dynamics can you still get into Flow ?"


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FETC 2018: Ken Robinson argues 2 key points in support o...

Phil ceremony Philip Heeley

More pressure is needed from the bottom up if a push for creativity over standardization is to continue forcing change in schools.
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Modern Trends In Bridal Fashion Jewelry Items

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The color, neck and the materials used in the making of the dress, all play a determining role in deciding the bridal jewelry. The stones used in the bridal fashion jewelry must also be considered before making a choice, as each...

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12 Easy Ayurvedic Practices Which Will Transform Your Hea...

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From turmeric lattes and starting the day with warm lemon water, to a love of coconut oil, yoga, meditation, eating light dinners and the importance of gut health, there is a growing interest in Ayurvedic medicine as more and more people look for...
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'Virtual reality in education will help create the workfo...

Phil ceremony Philip Heeley

Teachers feel grades will go up by delivering new experiences, such as climbing Everest via virtual reality
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We know junk food makes us sick. Are 'junk values' making...

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The more materialistic and extrinsically motivated you become, the more depressed you will be.
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Habits: Stategy of the Four Tendencies

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http://www.gretchenrubin.com It’s very important to know ourselves, but self-knowledge is challenging. I’m like a Muggle Sorting Hat! I sort everyone into fo...
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Video: Profile Flow with the Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards

Video: Profile Flow with the Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards.


Addressing a community question about how to get into Flow with others through...

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Life Lessons From Muhammad Ali!

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Usain Bolt's speed, Michael Jordan #23's jump or Muhammad Ali’s dominance. What makes these athletes rise above the fold and push the limits of human capacity to climb above others?

Most people would equate this #success to the...