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Hack the Potential of Your Brain and Body With This Simpl...

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Quest Nutrition Founder turned motivator Tom Bilyeu is host of the new entrepreneurial mentorship show, Impact Theory. Impact TheoryTM, is Tom’s new pay-it-forward company aimed at unlocking human potential and inspiring future entrepreneurs....
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Photographer captures breathtaking images as he swims wit...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Beautiful images show a majestic blue whale plunging into the deepest depths of the clear blue sea - and one diver was lucky enough to swim right beside him on a whale watching trip in Sri Lanka.
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Where does ocean plastic come from?

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

There are three main sources.
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4 Reliable Signs Someone Is About to Waste Your Time

Will reed William Reed

When someone's first interaction with you is about them and something they want, run the other way as fast as you can.
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Big Ideas Competition 2017: Combating Climate Change | U...

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People worldwide are experiencing the impacts of climate change, especially rising sea levels and extreme weather-related conditions. The Asia Pacific region is especially vulnerable to climate change, and governments and citizens have been...
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The outsiders rebooting our world

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Author Mark Stevenson has travelled the world, from Brazilian favelas to a shed in the English home counties, meeting remarkable innovators
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11 Blockchain Startups in Alignment with the United Natio...

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A powerful list of exciting blockchain companies using capitalism as a force for good.
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Climate change deniers, beware! Al Gore is back to save t...

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As the former US Vice President releases a follow up to 'An Inconvenient Truth', he talks to Time Out about Trump, veganism and how we can stop global warming destroying the Earth
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New Website Helps Connect the Dots Between Extreme Weathe...

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By Jeff Masters and Bob HensonWhether it be in media coverage or in statements by politicians, the connections between our warming planet and extreme weather events are too often ignored or downplayed (or sometimes overplayed).Those who want to...