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Blue The Film

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Blue The Film. 9.7K likes. Our Ocean has been the guardian of life on Earth. Now it is our turn to be guardians for the ocean.
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6 D’s of Exponential Growth

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

What if you had a framework to contextualize all disruptive technological progress, like an exponential road map? In this A360D video, Peter walks through hi...
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Jason Silva on Overcoming Anxiety and Finding Flow | Impa...

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

Emmy-nominated host of Brain Games Jason Silva unveils the paradigm-shifting philosophies that help him live in the moment on this episode of Impact Theory.
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Entrepreneur Social Leeds

Genie 04 04 GeniusU Genie

June 2017 Leeds Entrepreneur Social

 Speaker: Steve Conley

 An entertaining speaker with plenty of insights into navigating the ‘murky world’ of finance and inspiring other values based...

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Alibaba’s New ‘Uni Marketing’ a Game Changer for Brands -...

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

Alibaba Group has launched a powerful new suite of marketing services that leverages data collected from the company’s 450 million active users to deliver a level of targeting and reach not yet seen in the China market to brands selling on its...
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Be Inspired By Matthew Norton our Speaker at Leeds Entrep...

Julia 116 linkedin copy Julia Felton

In April 2017 Matthew Norton was recognised by Prime Minister Theresa May for Outstanding Services to Voluntary Work after more than a decade of work in Kenya and Tanzania. After an accident whilst travelling in Tanzania, Matthew was thrust...

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Our Ocean Our Future

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

Our Ocean Our Future

Another beautiful video from the UN Ocean Conference. As you watch the first half would you work with me and visualise our oceans with healthy...

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UN Ocean Conference Concludes with Call For Action and 1,...

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

Tracking the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda
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Soulseekers Worldwide

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

Soulseekers Worldwide. 48,440 likes · 145,328 talking about this. Soulseekers features stories about spirituality, culture, life and beauty worldwide - to bring people together and increase...
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AcroYoga Flow

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

Acro session performed by Jessalyn and Yuval Filmed in Jaffa, Israel Directed and Edited by - Amiel Kestenbaum Cinematography - Doron Farhi Choreography - Of...