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$249 'Babel Fish' earphones translate foreign languages i...

Will reed William Reed

The system, dubbed the Pilot, will cost $249 and go on sale later this year. It uses two earpieces, one worn by each person in the conversation, and an AI app.
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Kyudo @ iCLA

Will reed William Reed

Jerome Chouchan talks about Kyudo.
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Being Realistic is Delusional

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

See Kyle Cease Live at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA September 9th & 10th, 2017 https://www.kylecease.com/september for tickets. Order Kyle's new book, I ...
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Find your Purpose, Commit to action, Create Magic

Lynda fussell 0627 www sq Lynda Fussell

An inspiring story from a humble 'normal' man who has made a significant impact on many lives through finding his purpose and following his commitment to make a difference.

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Will.i.am: Work for Your Dreams

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

Will.i.am shares a story about listening to your gut, and tells how he ultimately achieved his dream of opening up for his heroes A Tribe Called Quest.
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A psychologist explains the best way to rewire your brain...

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

You already know that positive thinking leads to a more fulfilling life. That much is clear. But how do you actually think positive when your…
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The Most Valuable Trait of Highly Successful CEOs

Picture?height=120&width=120 Shweta Satyan

Smarts are key, but don't let studies and stereotypes keep you from reaching for the stars.

The most valuable trait among successful CEOs? IBM’s AI supercomputer Watson says it's intellect,, according to job site Paysa. Tell us...

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This Renewable Energy Startup Turns Soccer Balls and Side...

Marie   nina   close up Marie Ruzicka

As a clean, renewable alternative to dirty kerosene lamps and diesel generators, Jessica O. Matthews, founder of Uncharted Play, invented a groundbreaking en...
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The difference between real and false guilt, and why 99% ...

Kim knight health Kim Knight

Most people experience guilt, but not many question why, or know how to deal with it.

Over the years I have learnt there are essentially two types of guilt:

True (healthy) guilt… and false (unhealthy)...

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ZEN Soul of Japan iCLA

Will reed William Reed

iCLA students and faculty member William Reed experience Japanese Zen Buddhism.