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The New Earth Visionaries
London, UK
Company Type: Marketing & Advertising
The New Earth Visionaries are a cutting edge media company that produce Visionary Ads focussing on the storytelling, vision and symbolic marketing of CEOs, entrepreneurs, creators or coaches.

The New Earth Visionaries


We create large onine events, festivals, gatherings or summits which have a theme of New Earth. A solution based, eco-sutainable, digital, ceremonial, intimate experience for your audience that touches millions. 


The New Earth Visionaries is a cutting edge Branding and Marketing company producing Visionary Adverts that focus on the storytelling, vision and symbolic marketing of CEOs, entrepreneurs, creators or coaches. They can be used to market your service or product by first introducing the bigger picture behind it. Visionary Ads explore the vision of founders and their legacies. When your audience connects with you at this level, they feel TRUST.  Visionary Adverts become a vital connection piece that generates leads and can be used in follow up campaigns, for promo, to accompany public speaking, preparing for a TED talk intro, or on website homepages. Add a simple call to action to your advert, like "connect with me" and it produces 100s of hits while you sleep. Your audience will book follow-up appointments.


The New Earth Visionaries create Visionary Adverts where we imprint your brand with layers of symbolic branding. We help you put your brand out into the world so that people can see it, and make sure your videos,  Zooms, your lives, your website and everything you are touching is imprinted with your symbols. This works on a deep subconscious level, like NLP, so that your audience experiences you as more than your product.


Working with the Genius U community we have created Vision Dynamics so that for each profile: Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel we can incorporate perfectly aligned videos to best express your Genius.


The New Earth Visionaries is headed by Sally Griffyn aka Millionaire Yogi helps Visionaries become World-Changing Influencers. A Spiritual Business Coach from London UK. Sally has run 3 yoga festivals, over 60 international retreats, online festivals and has written 4 books. She is about to publish The Little Book Of Influence about creating a movement. 



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    The New Earth Visionaries


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Annette Stewart

Thank you Sally for making me see the way forward with my new company launch. It has brought me clarity and confidence which I needed and just at the right time! i look forward to many more connections with you in future!