Wealth Vector System Reviews

A network of experts in any field - you are never more than max. 2 degrees of separation away from who you might need!

I felt blocked. Why? What was I missing? Within minutes of beginning our Platinum Vector Consultation, Catherine's compassionate interpretation of my Numerology allowed me to understand what these blocks to success were and how to absolve them. The continued conversation using the Wealth Vector Cards illuminated my focus for the next 30 days. I often have shining object syndrome, and with the guidance, it is a whole new focused world. You have come to this review for a reason. Follow your heart and book a session with Catherine. Like "stallions galloping across fields," your next indicated actions steps in your business, or identity as an entrepreneur, will be nurtured with Spirit and expedient action steps.

GeniusU is an amazing platform for connecting with Entrepreneurs Globally. So many new feature being added weekly, I love seeing what new developments there are. I look forward each day to seeing who I will be connecting with, making new friends and seeing what my Genie Steve is suggesting for me. Great to hear about the new feature of listing your Company in The World Game. adds a whole new dimension to this Game.

What a pleasure it is to work with Catherine Ord. Full stop. Her presence leaves space for magic to happen. She has honed the Wealth Vector System so that it is usable and relevant to your life, and her Business Numerological Report helped me see that we were on track and assisted us in where to put our focus. I highly recommend Catherine and the Wealth Vector System.

We know that the universe conspires with us when we pursue our dream with a focus and clarity of vision. This is true in business and life. Catherine's brilliant use of the Vector System adds a new dimension of information and insight where it is needed most, clarity and inner direction.

We constantly ask the questions around clarity and what to do next, and the Vector System is a great assistance in gaining that clarity and inner direction. In the masterful hands of Catherine Ord the system comes alive. Truly, quite magic.