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Neale Donald Walsch on The Path Towards Self-Awakening

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

Join Neale Donald Walsch in our next upcoming Masterclass on Mindvalley Academy
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Shocking photo shows Caribbean Sea being 'choked to death...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

A photographer has captured the damage being done to the planet's oceans with a shocking “sea of plastic and styrofoam” image taken near a tranquil Caribbean island.
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3 Questions to Help You Learn Anything--Fast

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How you prepare for something means everything for how you perform, says author Tim Ferriss, the host of Fear(less).
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Why Arianna Huffington Wears the Same Dress Over and Over...

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Men repeat, Why can't women?
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Halloween and the rise of type 2 diabetes - Health Dynami...

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In a couple of days’ time it’s Halloween, the day most synonymous with overindulging on sugar and sweets. Will your kids be out tricking treating? Are you planning to open the doors to the marauding neighborhood packs?I have no problem with...
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‘Like running a marathon – with 100 sharks on your tail’:...

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Cannibal squid, submarine leaks at 450 metres and a poisonous stonefish sting … the producers of David Attenborough’s new series share stories of life and death underwater
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Ocean acidification could doom key Arctic fish species: s...

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Ocean acidification combined with warming of the world oceans and loss of oxygen is having a severe impact on key Arctic marine species such as polar cod in the Barents Sea, according to a new study conducted by German scientists. The eight-year...
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Wildlife colonises man-made rockpools

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Aberystwyth University scientists work to make manmade sea defences a better home for Nature.
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5 Tips for Financing Your Startup.

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In any economic climate, it is challenging to find the funds to set up a business.

In any economic climate, it is challenging to find the funds to set up a business. Many #entrepreneurs fail because they don’t perform thorough...

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Architect Designs Incredible House Out Of Shipping Contai...

Phil ceremony Philip Heeley

Living in a shipping container in the middle of the desert might not sound like everybody's idea of fun, but wait until you see this stunning creation by London-based designer James Whitaker.