GeniusU Reviews

GeniusU is where precise knowledge can be learnt via the micro degrees to really understand entrepreneurship and also where you can meet tonnes of amazing people who are all on their own journeys.

GeniusU is the Entrepreneur HUB I choose to be part of for so many reasons....To learn, grow, connect, collaborate and partner with to make a positive and purposeful impact in our world.

GeniusU is simply THE network to be on, whether you are an Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Trainer - or neither!
Her you find the tools you need both for your personal and business life - for yourself, your business, your team and your clients!!

A special thanks goes to Salman Sayed on the support team:
Not only is he extremely efficient in handling any query one might have - he does it in a timely, friendly and engaging manner!
All teams can certainly learn from the loyal and engaged way he is doing his job!!

Simply a MUST place to be !!!

I can highly recommend the programs offered by E-Square Education Platform.

GeniusU is an amazing platform for connecting with Entrepreneurs Globally. So many new feature being added weekly, I love seeing what new developments there are. I look forward each day to seeing who I will be connecting with, making new friends and seeing what my Genie Steve is suggesting for me. Great to hear about the new feature of listing your Company in The World Game. adds a whole new dimension to this Game.

GeniusU is an amazing platform for both life long learning and connecting people and building a global community. It's growing massively in both valuable content and members and is improving every week.