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Genius School
Location Unknown
Company Type: Education
Igniting the Genius in Every child: A key focus for the Genius School Community.
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

Being part of our Genius School Campus you will have access to all our learnings through events, masterclasses, microschools and connections with other community members who support a personalised learning approach to make a difference in education.

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    Genius School Teen Quest

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    Teen Genius Test

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    Genius School Teen Masterclass

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    Teen Leadership Challenge

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    Educator Accelerator

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    Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

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    Genius Educator Certification Training

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    Educating for the Future: What Everyone Needs to Know

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    Young Entrepreneur PitchFest Competition

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    Young Entrepreneur Academy

  • Genius school butterfly geniusu

    Genius School 3-day Educator Challenge

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    Teen Quest Microschool

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  • Operations

    Young Entrepreneur Microcourse

  • Sales

    Teen Money Challenge

  • Entrepreneurship

    Genius School Educator Challenge


  • Angie Stead

    Angie Stead


  • Sally Cope

    Sally Cope

  • Rob Wade

    Rob Wade

  • Leonie McIlvenny

    Leonie McIlvenny

  • Karen Bonanno

    Karen Bonanno

  • June Wall

    June Wall

  • Lesli Grant

    Lesli Grant

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Ryan Nicholas Leong Wei Ren

I have just started my journey as a Genius Educator, and already from the get-go, I can see the quality and depth invested to empower the next generation! From microdegrees to strategy discussions, Angie's and Karen's passion to enlighten young lives for a rapidly-changing world resonates deeply! I cannot wait to see what comes next as we revolutionise education for everyone's natural geniuses!